SELCOM Elevator Landing Door

Impact structure,simple installation and easy adjustment
Use solid steel guide rail,high intensity,quite in operation
Door lock guarantee safe lock even while steel rope is broken
Towed truck with mechanical Anti-derailment devices

Elevator safety problem(elevator knowledge)

Elevator has multiple safety devices, but it is easy to go wrong in a lot of places, some people are caught by the elevator door, sometimes elevator buttons can not work, and the floor display is black ,someone even fall down a few floors.Although it may not cause injury, but we take the elevator is no looking for stimulation.

Elevator fault mainly in the following aspects:

1. Electrical safety device failure;
2. insufficient braking torque;
3. The traction force is inadequate;
4.The governor failure;
5. safety gear failure.

Also, not comply with elevator rated load may lead to the occurrence of the elevator squat