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K02 Centre Opening Asynchronous Variable Frequency Japan Mitsubishi Type Car Door

1,Adopt VVVF variable frequency control technology, reliable speed control
2,With belt drive, run steadily and reliable, low noise
3,Advanced and reasonable design, fine execution, easy installation and adjustment
4,Installation:car door-top installation, Car door-frame installation
5,Professional non-standard design. It is your best choice for the whole new lift or old lift
8,This model is widely used in residential door elevator commerce elevators, hospital elevator, hotel elevators,etc.
9.Maunfacture range:JJ700-1200
10.Electrical parameters:
Motor Rated voltage AC220V, Rated frequency 50Hz,Rated power 70W,Rated speed 920r/min
Drive: Rated output voltage AC200-AC230,Rated output power 400W,rated output current of 2.8A