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K42B Centre Opening Asynchronous VVVF Mitsubishi Type Lift Car Door Operator

vvvf selcom elevator door operator

1,Adopt VVVF variable frequency control technology, reliable speed control
2,With belt drive, run steadily and reliable,low noise
3,Adopt asynchronous-link cam,making it more stable
4,Can choose car door lock also have different kinds of car door controller
4,Installation:car door-top installation, Car door-rame installation
5,AC induction motor only needs speed information, angle information are not necessary, therefore, encoder only adopts increment. besides, AC induction motor operates without initial position, during appication of door system, not necessary to study pole position and absolute encoder.
6,Strong anti-interference ability, can resist lightning, voltage drop, static, surge voltage, etc.
7.Maunfacture range:JJ1400-3000

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Electrical parameters:
Motor Rated voltage AC220V, Rated frequency 50Hz,Rated power 70W,Rated speed 920r/min
Drive:Rated output voltage AC200-AC230,Rated output power 400W,rated output current of 2.8A