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PM02 Centre Opening AC PM Synchronous Car Door

vvvf selcom elevator door operator

1,Use the PM Synchronous drive to guide the technology,represent the future trends
2,Use the PM motor, Low speed, rotational torque, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise
3,Start steady, speed controlling is very comfortable, closed-loop vector control
4,Adopt mechanical arm asynchronous cam, can choose car door lock also have different kinds of car door controller
5,Installation:car door-top installation, Car door-rame installation, wall-installation
6,Can be deployed with glass door/stainless steel door and power painted door
7,This model is widely used in residential door elevator commerce elevators, hospital elevator, hotel elevators, sightseeing elevator etc.
8.Maunfacture range:JJ700-1200
10.Electrical parameters:
Motor Rated voltage AC220V, Rated frequency 50Hz,Rated power 50W,Rated speed 180r/min
Drive: Rated output voltage AC200-AC230,Rated output power 400W,rated output current of 2.4A