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Elevator Push Button AK22 Series

Elevator Push Buttons AK22



Model: AK22
Switch Rated Voltage: DC24V,DC12V
Switch Rated Current: 30mA
The thickness of installation plate: 2-7MM
Operation Distance: 0.3~0.6MM
Life-Span: 5000000
Size: Ø37

Install mounting dimension:

New symbol for AK22 elevator buttons:

convex elevator buttonelevator button fan

elevator button light lamp



Door open button are currently powered by a common configuration elevator automatic doors, door open button is used for operating the elevator automatic doors. When a passenger in the car interior, the elevator door is automatically closed process, if it found outside the car is still ready to enter passenger, then you can press the button to open the elevator doors automatically. Ehen elevator door is completely closed, but the elevator has not started to run, the button can be pressed to open the door again to make the elevator doors open automatically.